With a custom-designed security system featuring NetworX products from Interlogix United Technologies, you have peace of mind that your home or business is equipped with the most advanced and reliable security technology available. NetworX systems are proven in applications from single-family home to commercial buildings with multiple businesses. They have specially designed keypads that make using advanced security technology simple. For your peace of mind, trust the brand security professionals know and trust – NetworX by Interlogix United Technologies.
By adding the platform to our system you can keep your loved ones protected with professionally monitored Smarter Home Security and always be connected to what’s happening at home.

  • DEDICATED CONNECTION Dedicated and secure cellular communicationprovides safe, reliable uninterrupted protection.
  • ALWAYS ON AWARENESS Instant Alerts: Get real-time notifications by textor email the moment something happens in your home.Personalized User Codes: Create unique user codesto know who’s coming and going at all times.
  • PROACTIVE SAFETY Connected carbon monoxide and smoke detectorsprovide an extra layer of security
  • SECURITY CENTAL 24-HOUR ALARM MONITORING Security Central monitors home and business security systemsQuick, efficient, emergency response in the event of a break-in, or other alarm events such as fire, or flood.


You’ll never have to ask again with the quickest and most secure option for instant awareness — an Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera. Simply check your smart phone to see who’s there even when you’re not.
With a Wi-Fi Doorbell Camerayou can also:

  • Receive a notification when thedoorbell is pressed
  • Speak with your visitorsthrough the built-in speaker
  • Unlock your door right fromthe app
  • Record video clips when thedoorbell is pressed
  • Have lights turn on automaticallywhen the doorbell is pressed


Control almost every aspect of your home from almost anywhere with automation controls integrated with your alarm system.

It’s more than cool. More than convenient. It saves you time and it saves you money.

  • Create lighting scenes for use while you are home or away
  • Turn on/off small appliances
  • Remotely Open and close your garage door
    • Never forget to close the garage door
  • Remotely Lock and unlock doors
    • Get reminders if a door is left unlocked
  • Add water sensors for leak/flood
    • Adding a water shut off valve gives the ability to remotely shut the incoming water supply off in the event of a leak/flood alert
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